Hi, I'm Adam.

A designer @ Dropbox working on Design Systems.


  1. The rider edit account screen

    Uber - Design Systems

    Laying the foundation for a design system to support the future of the Uber rider app.

  2. Final's splash screen


    Creating the zero-to-one mobile and web experiences for a new age credit card provider.

  3. Nomad home screen


    A side project to bring a travel tracker concept to life, while learning Swift along the way.


  1. The Man Who Saved My Sister

    The story of my family's travels across China in 2018 to retrace my adopted sister's roots, which culminated in an experience none of us saw coming.


I’m Adam Noffsinger, a Senior Product Designer at Dropbox working on Design Systems. I’ve been at Dropbox since late 2017.

Before joining Dropbox, I was an early designer at Uber and worked on the consumer-facing Rides and Eats mobile apps for about 3 years. It was one heckuva wild ride.

Before getting into design, I pursued creative writing (poetry, if we're being specific) and was an Account Manager at an advertising agency. Variety is the spice of life, right?

I'm most passionate about mobile product, but have extensive experience across web and desktop too. I'm interested in solving problems related to transportation and mapping, fitness, gaming, music, and travel.

When I'm not designing, I love getting my hands dirty in Swift and mentoring younger designers on craft skills.

Get In Touch

The best way to reach me is via email, although Twitter is my one and only true love.

My Instagram is public, so feel free to judge my shoe obsession there. LinkedIn isn’t a great bet, but has a thorough work history if that's your jam.


This site is built from scratch with good ‘ole fashioned HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It uses both the Graphik and Arnhem font families.

Jekyll is used for components and templating, Rotato for 3D UI shots, and Stack Overflow for everything else, ever.