Hello, I’m Adam. I'm a designer at Uber Eats working to make getting food to your mouth more magical.

Before joining Eats, I worked on the Uber Rider app for 2 years. I helped usher in the latest iteration of the app.

I previously worked with Final and Human Design in Boulder, Colorado, where I was raised and educated.


  • Sketch/PS/IA
  • Framer
  • After Effects
  • Swift

This site

A labor of love built from scratch with good ‘ole fashioned HTML, CSS, Javascript and a bit of Jekyll.

— Hello, I'm Adam —

Product designer, prototyper, and platform thinker.

  1. The rider edit account screen

    Rider App Platform

    Helping build a design platform to support the latest iteration of the Uber rider app.

  2. Uber's splash screen
  3. Final's splash screen

    Final App & Web

    Designing the mobile and web experiences for the users of a new age credit card provider.

  4. Nomad home screen
    Side Project


    An ongoing passion project to bring my concept for a travel tracker to life in Swift.