Hi, I’m Adam—a product designer, wannabe engineer, and sometimes writer living in the tree-covered hills of Marin County, California.

Right now, I’m working on something new at the intersection of nutrition and AI—more on that soon.

Before that, I worked at Patreon, helping creative folks of all types get paid for doing what they love. While I was there, we redesigned our products across web and mobile while also rebranding. I’m particularly happy with the new Podcast Player we made as part of that work.

Before Patreon, I spent a couple of years at Apple working on the Pay and Wallet team. As a long-time Apple fan, it was a dream come true. I worked on projects like Tap to Pay , which made accepting contactless payments on iPhones a reality for merchants, and Apple Savings , a high-interest savings account in Wallet for Apple Card customers.

As a product designer, I get energy from the technical parts of my process like prototyping, motion design, and design systems. At the same time, I believe that designers should be well-rounded and comfortable wearing many hats. I get excited about diving into new industries and think that doing so has helped me bring fresh ideas to my work. I'm currently interested in exploring artificial intelligence, human knowledge, mapping, and memory. I like working on small, convicted teams that move fast and believe in the importance of craft.

In my free time, you can find me doing CrossFit, camping along the California coast with my partner and our dog, or driving around in my beloved Defender. On weekends, I build Found , a simple iOS app for tracking your favorite places.

01 Work

  1. 2024-Present
  2. Found 2022-Present
  3. Patreon 2022-2024
  4. Apple 2020-2022
  5. Cruise 2019-2020
  6. Dropbox 2017-2019
  7. Uber 2014-2017
  8. Final 2014

02 Writing

  1. On Side Projects 2023
  2. On Working at Apple 2023
  3. The Man Who Saved My Sister 2018
  4. Design Tooling At Scale 2018
  5. CMCI Studio Interview 2017

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