Mobile and Web App

Work shown from late 2014

Final is a new age credit card provider that offers cross-platform finance apps and a physical credit card. Final’s main benefits are world class fraud protection and granular control over how merchants can bill you.

I joined the team when it was a young startup of 5 entering the Techstars accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. The team was yet to release a product and I was their first designer.

While at Final, I helped define the core experiences for their first mobile, web, and browser extension apps. We sought to make a radically transparent credit card experience that would be approachable to users with varying levels of financial prowess.

We worked with Macky Saturday and Jelly Jar on designing the Final brand and splashpage respectively.

While I was at Final, we amassed 40,000 signups prior to launch. Based on our initial designs (and countless hours spent on pitch decks) we raised $4 million in venture capital.

When I left, the team had a strong design platform and core experience to build upon moving into the future.

Sketch, Framer

Mobile and Web App Visuals

A selection of key screens from the mobile iOS app. Key screens from the first version of the Final iOS app.

The first iteration of the Final mobile app was based around 2 core views—a simple feed of incoming charges to your Final account and a merchant view, accessed by tapping on any individual merchant.

The merchant view contained in-depth data about your relationship with that merchant and how their charges were affecting your income. At the same time, the view allowed you to set parameters for how that merchant could bill you in terms of amount and frequency.

Final’s distinguishing feature was that it automatically created a unique card number associated with each merchant that would be disabled if the user-defined parameters were violated. If you’ve ever been a victim of fraud, or had extra charges show up on your cable or phone bill, this should resonate with you.

The transaction log view for the web dashboard. The web dashboard home screen.

Final’s web dashboard was mostly to parity with the mobile app, but featured richer tools for monitoring your spending and setting goals to unlock rewards.

It allowed quick tagging of charges to track spending categories and had a simple search function, which most providers sorely lack. At the same time, online merchant pages were slightly more detailed and allowed for slicing your spending data across time and categories.

The merchant detail view for the web dashboard. The web dashboard merchant page.